Guide for Printing & Assembling MC2 Patterns

DOs & DON'Ts


  • Use Adobe Reader to view/print
  • Choose the PDF file for the correct paper size in its name,  i.e. A0, A4 or US Letter.
    Your patterns will print on multiple pages to be tiled together (except A0 paper).
  • BEFORE printing the whole patterns file – print the page with the TEST SQUARE first. 
    I.e. in printing options under "Pages" – put only the number of the page with the test square.
  • Measure the size of the printed test square - must be 2"x2" / 5x5cm – THIS IS IMPORTANT for getting your patterns correct to the size.
  • If the test square does not measure 2"x2"/ 5x5cm – adjust your printer settings and print the test page again.
  • Then continue to print the remaining pages of the file.


  • ...print with Mac Preview or Adobe Reader that comes with Windows 8 – there are printing issues with it.
  • ...print a file from Google Drive. Always download the file to your own computer first, then open it and print it locally.
  • ...print the whole pattern set before measuring the test square. 
  • ...assume that because you used the same settings as you used another time the pattern is correct.

Printer Settings

  • Paper Size  [A4] or [US Letter] or [A0]
  • Page Scaling  [None] or [Actual Size] or [100%]
  • Border  [Single Hairline]
  • Important – your pattern pages will print out in the order in which they should be attached together.
  • Let the whole lot print, then remove from the printer as a batch.
  • Split the batch by rows for your convenience.
  • Cut off printer margin from two tile edges: top and left.
  • Then overlap the tiles and tape/glue by rows numbers first.
  • We do recommend highlighting the lines of your needed size with a coloured pen before cutting your patterns out (unless you are printing just a single layer from a layered pattern).

Please note

  • Due to the nature of digital products, they may not be returned or exchanged.
  • MC2 patterns may not be resold further as a pattern product.
  • You are welcome to use MC2 patterns in your sewing production.

How to Assemble Printed Patterns

Read the step-by-step explanation on our blog (click either on this text or on the picture below).

Assembling a Pattern. Step-by-step Preparation.