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How to sew Tulip-Wrap Pants.

Published : 28/02/2019 22:17:36
Categories : MC2patterns

Sometimes the simplest patterns are able to put us in a blind alley. These Tulip Pants are of this kind, actually.

If you would follow the steps below, you will be ready to go in an hour or two.

1. Cut the garment out and serge (overlock) the outer edges of the two big pieces if needed.

They are actually the trouser-legs.

2. Sew trouser-legs together face-to-face at the crotch (see the "deep"?).

3. Turn the garment right-side-out.

4. Form the pants by overlapping the pieces at the front. Pin them at waistline.

5. Make the waistband* and sew it on.

*The elastic-tape could be pulled through at the end or when you are making the waistband.
*You might like using a nice elastic-tape as a waistband instead of sewing it of fabric.

Well... You are good to go! ))

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