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Published : 20/11/2019 08:00:00
Categories : MC2patterns

The composition determines all the properties of the fabric and clothing. Typically, manufacturers indicate the type and percentage of fibres. But it will be useful to know how to determine the structure of the fabric yourself. Information about the composition is printed on the labels. Manufacturers, while indicating this data, arrange the types of fibres by taking into account their content in the clothing, from a larger value to a smaller one. For example, this wool crepe PRT1-L6 9071748 consists of 60% wool, 30% cotton and 10% polyester. However,if this information is not meaningful, you can try to determine the type of fabric by touch.

  • silk has tenderness, softness, the hand glides on the surface;

  • cotton gives a feeling of warmth, pleasant to the touch, soft, wrinkled easily;

  • flax is much tougher, creates a feeling of coolness;

  • wool evokes a slight tingling, warm, it practically does not crease;

  • rayon has a pleasant sheen, soft, tender to the touch, wrinkles;

  • for nylon, polyester, kapron, the surface is slippery, on the cut material crumbles

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