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Michele Oka Doner style Dress

Published : 01/01/2020 08:00:00
Categories : mc2 Photo

Michele Oka Doner is an American artist and author who works in a variety of media including sculpture, prints, drawings, functional objects and video. She has also worked in costume and set design and has created over 40 public and private permanent art installations, including “A Walk On The Beach,” a one and a quarter mile long bronze and terrazzo concourse at Miami International Airport.

“As poetic as Oka Doner can get, she’s also a serious fashion hound. Her closet is a troller’s dream, full of early Oscar de la Renta, Jean Paul Gaultier and Yohji Yamamoto pieces. “If you buy something special every year and you’ve had about 45 adult years like me, you have a lot of very good dresses,” she says.

Yet Oka Doner prefers to wear a single style dress: a roomy long-sleeve dolman with a draped neckline that falls over the shoulders. This is her signature-dress which is nearly as well known as her art. She has this one dress in various colours and fabrics. She owns about three dozen of them — mostly in black and white, cut from cashmeres, silks and velvets. They are all custom-made, save for the original which she bought in a store in Chelsea in 1987. “I recycle them,” she adds. “The white ones start looking not so white so I wear them to walk on the beach. And then in the end, I use them in the studio. I wrap my bronzes in them.”

We are so inspired by the versatility of her favorite dress that we decided to invite you to try to recreate this design for yourself.

This dress is perfect for all kinds of materials, taking on different styles and looks with each one!

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