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Inspiration. Tattoo Skirt.

Published : 10/05/2017 19:20:27
Categories : MC2patterns , Written by Eugenia Zorina

Embroidery has as long history as needles and thread and it never really went away. But if in the past you would know where to expect embroidered details, today embroidery might appear on the most unexpected things. I.e. a military style bomber jacket might explode with flowers or shoes bloom with roses! Dresses, T-shirts, bags, jeans: anywhere, anyhow, any size and technique are acceptable.

There are no rules - only fantasy, time and some patience...

Well, time... this is something that everyone lacks. Summer is coming, you want something new and original... And here you sit: embroider-embroider-embroider... three roses, few leaves and yes, there was a butterfly in your design as well...

...It's sooooo long, but... there is another way! Well, in fact, everything can be very simple.

You will need:

  1. The item you want to update.

    For your first experiments, denim items would be easier. The denim fabric holds the form well, i.e. it does not stretch, does not deform, does not get too wet.
    You can take a pair of jeans, shorts, pinafore, shirt or skirt (just like me).

  2. Special felt-tip pens for drawing on fabric.

    They are easy to find in craft supply stores.
    Make sure you have read the instructions first – there is nothing complicated really.

  3. Plastic panel (cutting board?).

    You have to put it inside your item in order to make the drawing process easier and keep the ink to one layer of fabric.


  1. Choose a drawing sketch.

    For your first projects choose rather big drawings without a lot of detail.
    I really like tribal-tattoo drawings and they seem to me ideal for drawing on fabric. You can find similar designs by googling for "tattoo tribal sketches". The only trouble you might have – choosing one out of those hundreds. )))
    Having decided, print out the picture.

  2. Transfer the picture onto the fabric.

    Put the plastic board inside your item and draw your sketch using a soft pen.

  3. Colorize!!!

    Here the main thing is your patience and accuracy, as the ink can not be washed off. The board must remain inside, so that ink won't get through to another layer of your item.
    It seemed to me rather interesting to make a monochrome drawing, but... remember - "the only rule is - your fantasy"! )))

  4. Fix the painting if it is required by following instructions on the felt-tip pen.

That's all! My skirt still gives me pleasure after two years!

So what would YOU like to upgrade? )))

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