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Harem-style Romper/Jumpsuit

Published : 17/06/2019 01:00:00
Categories : MC2patterns

An amazing addition to your wardrobe - this jumpsuit gives you complete freedom of movement!

And the item could be sewn in literally just an hour.

You might like some features we have added to the design of our sewing project:

  • Halter-Strap - to secure the garment position while you are on a move.
    Attach a little loop at the front (see pic. above) and pull a strap about 100cm long through it.
    The loop/strap could be made of the same fabric, suitable cording, tape or ribbon.

  • No-Elastic-Raws - Simplicity and speed of production.
    Skip making a number of elastic raws in the bodice - make ONLY ONE at the top.

  • OR insert a strap/cording/tape/ribbon instead of the elastic and make a Halter from it.

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