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General recommendations for viscose fabric care

Published : 15/11/2019 08:00:00
Categories : MC2patterns

It is necessary to handle viscose carefully - only then it will not cause pilling, will not stretch and will serve you for a long time.

It is necessary to wash viscose with your hands or in a washing machine using gentle treatment and mild detergents. That is, if you decide to wash your viscose blouse in standard mode with hard powder - you will cause pilling. (Which is true. Washing viscose knitted blouses with cotton spoils them — they loose shape and develop pilling).

Twisting viscose is also not recommended, since wet viscose loses strength and elasticity, and therefore you can get a shapeless rag instead of your beautiful clothes. The maximum that can be done is to spin it in the washing machine at the lowest speed (but it is better not to risk it).

Most importantly, read the labels, usually everything is indicated and the permissible conditions for washing, spinning and ironing for viscose. Do not be too lazy to study them and follow them, and then your viscose clothing will delight you with its beautiful appearance for a long time.

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