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Choosing a STYLE for an EVENING DRESS

Published : 27/12/2019 08:00:00
Categories : mc2 Photo

If you are going to a restaurant or theatre, then the best choice is a maxi dress. This style creates a luxurious image and visually extends the silhouette.

If you are going to an event with a chance for dancing, a midi dress would be better, as such a stylish outfit won’t constrain your movements.

And if you are visiting or meeting guests at home, you can choose a tunic-dress. Made from the right fabric, your outfit will feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Fabric selection

Usually, special occasion dresses do not require a complicated style with a tricky cut. The simplicity of the model is offset by the chic fabric.

Traditional fabrics for evening gowns (not all of them are easily tamed): 

  • silk

  • brocade

  • jacquard

  • guipure

  • chiffon 

  • velvet 

  • lace

As an intriguing experiment, you might choose a combination of rather unusual to-go-together materials. For instance, a dress could be made of wool & silk, velvet & brocade, chiffon & lace, etc.

If you are limited in time, but still would like to exercise your own dressmaking project, go for something minimalistic in design but expressive in the material. However, make sure you pick a high quality “well-behaving” textile (otherwise, this will considerably restrain the sewing process).

The Michele-Oka-Doner-style dress is a winner for many occasions - try the pattern mc2-2006 we have developed for you.

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