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Jumpsuits: One Costume, One Love

Published : 24/04/2017 18:00:00
Categories : MC2patterns

Jumpsuits reappears from time to time in high fashion, where it is often attractive to designers for its unbroken line running from the neck to the feet and can be flattering on some body shapes.
A playsuit is typically a shorter version of the jumpsuit, it was created in the 1930s in New York as a stylish piece of sportswear. It went in and out of fashion through to the 1970s, and was usually made from silky fabrics for evening wear, or jersey and terry-towelling for casual summer wear. Since 2006, the playsuit has had a resurgence in mainstream fashion.

Also playsuits are popular as items of lingerie consisting of an all in one design where the top half, similar to a negligee, is joined to the bottom half, similar to a panty or shorts.

A romper suit, or just romper, is a one-piece combination of shorts and a shirt. While rompers had been popular among women in the 1950s, they re-emerged in the 1970s as a fashion for adult women. In the 1970s rompers were usually a casual garment made of terrycloth, and often in a tube-top style. They were common in the 1980s in a wider variety of materials. Since 2006, rompers have enjoyed a minor renaissance as a fashionable garment for women. In the 2010s the "sleep romper" for women gained popularity, being similar in style to the teddy, but with the appearance of shorts.

The word onesie is used to describe casual jumpsuits (to be used as loungewear or pajamas) which became a fashion fad around 2010, but the word is sometimes also used for other forms of jumpsuits, like one-piece motorcycle suits or ski-suits.
Jumpsuits have often been used as stage costumes in stage productions and by various singers and bands. Suzi Quatro, Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, The Who, Queen, Feeder, Alphaville, Goldfrapp, Aaliyah, Britney Spears, Pink, Devo, Polysics, Spice Girls, Korn and Slipknot, for example, have all performed in flamboyantly-designed jumpsuit-like garments. Catsuits (skin-tight jumpsuits) of shiny fabric have also been popular on stage.

From 2017 women will be able to wear jumpsuits in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot this summer following a change to the dress code.
Before the new ruling, female racegoers could wear skirts or dresses falling just above the knee or longer or full-length trouser suits. For men, a waistcoat and tie are compulsory in the enclosure.
Organisers said the acceptance of the jumpsuit reflected Ascot's "awareness of seasonal trends".
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