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Alladin Pants and Who They Suit

Published : 11/11/2019 06:32:38
Categories : MC2patterns

Women's harem pants have a lot of advantages in comparison to pants of a straight and tight fit:

  • do not constrain movements, therefore they are suitable for daily wear and even sports;

  • combine the properties of a skirt (volume) and pants (legs are securely fixed, legs are protected from the wind);

  • unusual pants add a touch of extravagance and mystery to the image;

  • hide imperfections in the hips, give the figure a more appealing shape;

  • pants with heavy pleats made of rich fabrics are suitable for social events.

Traditional loose-fitting «sultanas» look good on slender, tall women. «Alladins» will add volume to those with narrow hips and "steal" a few pounds from curvy ones, if the pants are made from a plain dark fabric.

The only figures which are not suitable for harem pants are pear-shaped ones. These pants would make hips even more noticeable, adding extra volume to them.

Short women need to take into account that the «Zouaves» tend to visually reduce the height.

You are welcome to choose from our collection of harem pants those that are right for you!

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