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Your Design + Our Pattern = Unique Peasant Skirt

Published : 29/06/2019 20:00:36
Categories : MC2patterns

Do you like transformer-garments?
How about asymmetry?
Well, you are in the right way - it's all here and available to you!

Our patterns - an excellent tool in your design!

Everything should work out for you - just follow the shape of our patterns and let your imagination fly when choosing fabrics, finishes, accessories.

The skirt in these photos is sewn following our pattern mc2-1101.

The original design has been created by using the ribbon for decoration and functionality. I.e. the casings, cording, waistband decoration, and button-loops have been made from the same ribbon. Buttons from natural coconut added a beautiful accent.

Now the same skirt could be worn in a few different ways.

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